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"A Transformational Journey"

 We cannot change what we are not aware of and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.

-Sheryl Sandberg

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UDAY JOSHI is a Life Coach and Trainer. He is a REIKI Grand master and has been helping people for more than 23 years by adding value to the lives of various people through healing on emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. UDAY JOSHI is the author of the incredible book "The Reflected Images" which is all about human perception and belief. This book is yet to be public. UDAY JOSHI was a chief editor of the monthly magazine " Dhyan Maharashtra" published under the affiliation of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. UDAY JOSHI serves society by conducting workshops on meditation to help people to experience an incredible taste of abundance and blissfulness by enhancing intellectual consciousness.
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"I was living a stressful life a few months ago which affected my mental health in several ways. I used to feel left behind in domains of happiness, peace etc in this fast pacing world. After having sessions with Uday sir during my holistic life course helped me feel light as if my mind has become clutter free I thank Uday sir for his support and guidance. "


"Holistic life sessions have helped me accomplish my goals and provided a new perspective towards different aspects of life. Various therapies used in the session have helped me gain strength and deal with health concerns post COVID The sessions made me feel energetic and evoked empathy in me. I thank Uday sir for accompanying me in this journey. "

Corporate Employee

"I lost my father during the COVID-19 pandemic which took a toll on me and I started feeling lost. This experience influenced my personal and academic life negatively. Then I joined this course and I saw myself transformed. That helped me to Gain focus on studies Eliminate anger spiked and Rebuild healthy relationships with family. I have started loving myself again and i now express feelings with confidence"


"I was stressed and anxious about my entrance examination for IIT, it was then, when I met Uday sir and consulted with him. Within three days there was a positive shift in my mental state. The session with Uday sir has boosted my energy levels, gave me confidence and a better perspective of the situation. Kaustubh is a Student The positive shift in mental state has helped me score 98.73% in my exams and secured a seat in my dream college with a provided scholarship."


You are here

It's not an accident! Probably this is the manifestation of your inner self! Follow the path of your intuition and grab the opportunity to take yourself to your own next version !!
You will be learning to balance all the life dynamics of life in this transformational webinar.

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Seminar overview

Every person has an inbuilt ability to live a healthy, happy, and productive life to enjoy well-being and thrive in physical health, intimate relations, and a joyful career with continuous growth and financial freedom.

  1. Why am I not leading the desired life while others are already living that life

  2. What are the factors that are blocking my success? How can I unblock my success

  3. Am I really lost? Can I restart living successful life? How?

  4. Though I have enough money, I am not leading successful and happy life, why?

  5. I care for everyone around me but nobody cares me, everyone takes me for granted, why?

  6. Can the fear be eliminated during the journey of HOLISTIC LIFE? Yes!

  7. The HOLISTIC LIFE: It constitutes of the integration of balanced life factors.

  8. The dynamics of life: Health, Career, Relationships, Wealth & Finances and Business & Career along with inner-self.

  9. How to know whether the life dynamics are really balanced ?

  10. l What are compulsive habits and their effects on life.

  11. What are the compulsive habits and the compulsive habits are the distributive habits?

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Sign up for the FREE transformational webinar

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The aim is to

 Make you grow more of who you indeed are. Your personality can fairly be re-balanced, by integrating mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions along with a healthy career.

 Every person has an inbuilt ability to live a healthy, happy, and productive life to enjoy well-being and thrive in physical health, intimate relations, and a joyful career with continuous growth and financial freedom.

 Such meaningful life experiences can be cultivated by identifying the choice we make and their effect on every dimension of life that we are presently experiencing.

 These effects can be changed by changing the compulsive habits into habits to make choices with conscious intellect leading to a real transformation.

 Get on a journey of transformation with us through our Transformational workshop!!



The HOLISTIC LIFE - A transformational webinar

You are perfectly designed for your purpose! You have to determine your purpose, otherwise, you will be used for the other's purpose!